Insurance claims against Housing Services

Insurance claims against Housing Services

Although we look after the home you live in, we do not insure the contents of your home. You are responsible for insuring all items of furniture, carpet, curtains, clothes, and so on, NOT the council.

We do offer insurance, which you have to pay separately. Please contact the borough treasurer’s department for free advice, or contact an insurance broker to arrange your own cover.

Please remember, if you don’t have insurance, and your home contents are stolen, or damaged, you will have to pay the full cost of repair or replacement.

Council tenants may make insurance claims against the council for any damage that the council causes to the tenants' possessions, or injury to the tenant or members of their family.

As an example, if a council tradesman were to hammer a nail into the wall and inadvertently burst a pipe, which resulted in the floor being flooded and ruining the tenant's carpet, the council would be responsible for the cost of replacing the carpet as clearly its action has been negligent.

If you feel that you do have a claim against the council, in the first instance, contact the Operational Services Division on 345 545.

Last updated on 02 January 2016