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53 week rent year 2019-2020

53 week rent year 2019-2020

If you rent your home from us your rent is charged weekly, and is payable from Monday to Saturday*.

The amount of rent due for the year is divided by the number of Mondays in that financial year.

Rent years always run from the first Monday in April, and begin again on the first Monday in April of the following year - this usually means that there are 52 rent weeks in each financial year.

Every few years there will be 53 rent weeks instead of the usual 52, this is because a calendar year is actually slightly longer than 52 whole weeks. The last 53 week rent year at Chesterfield Borough Council was in 2007/2008.

This year (2019-2020) there will be 53 weekly rent payments to make.

* Please be aware that when paying by electronic means, a minimum of four clear working days should be allowed for transmission delays, and credits may not show on your rent account until the following rent week.


2019-2020 rent payments

All tenants are sent a rent calendar showing when their rent payments are due, a copy of the rent calendar is available here.

This year, the first weekly rent is due on Monday 1 April 2019, and the last is due on Monday 30 March 2020, meaning there are 53 weekly rents in 2019-2020.


Universal Credit claimants

If you claim Universal Credit your monthly housing payments will only cover the equivalent of 52 rent payments - this year you will have to pay one week's rent payment yourself.

You can do this by paying a little towards it each month throughout the year, or paying one week's rent in a single payment.

For example:

  • rent = £75.00 a week.
  • £75.00 divided into 12 months = £6.25 per month extra to pay.

We can help you budget for this, call us on 01246 345504 or visit us at the Customer Service Centre

I get help towards my rent, why do I have to pay one week's rent myself?

Even though we charge your rent weekly, Universal Credit, which is paid to you by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), is paid monthly.

The DWP calculates your monthly rent amount by multiplying your weekly rent by 52 and then dividing it by 12; they then use this amount to work out how much to give you towards your rent each month.

This calculation is set in legislation, and only allows for the weekly rent to be multiplied by a maximum of 52 (even if it is a 53 week year). Find out more in the Universal Credit Regulations

Notifying the DWP about a change to your rent

If you claim Universal Credit, you must tell the DWP about your new rent charge. You can call them on 0800 328 9344 or, if you have an online Universal Credit account, you should report this change via your journal. If you need help with this you can visit us at the Customer Service Centre.

If a change to your rent means that you are entitled to more Universal Credit, this may not be backdated if you don't report it straight away. If the change results in less Universal Credit entitlement and you report the change late, you will be asked to pay back any money you have been overpaid.

For further information please call 01246 345504 or visit us at the Customer Service Centre

Last updated on 13 March 2019