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Sheltered schemes

Sheltered schemes

There are sheltered housing schemes in many areas in Chesterfield. Each scheme consists of approximately 30 self-contained, one-bedroom flats or bedsits within the same building, with access by lift or stairs to the first floor.

All our sheltered schemes benefit from a resident warden, Careline and well-appointed and equipped common rooms, in which residents can meet and pursue social activities. Consideration is given only to people aged 60 and above, so you won't have to worry about a clash of lifestyles with younger neighbours.

When sheltered flats are empty, they are normally allocated to those people on our housing list who need them most.

However, there is a good supply of flats in some of our schemes. This provides a good opportunity for people who do not have much priority on our housing list to live in a safe, secure and well-served type of housing.

The sheltered flats available in higher supply can be offered to people who appear in lower bands or have no points.

Sheltered housing in the following areas are currently available to people with no points registered on the waiting list.

Bedsit flats:

  • Lowgates (Mallard Court)
  • Duckmanton (Markham Court)
  • Brampton (Catherine Court)
  • Brampton (Brocklehurst Court)
  • Old Whittington (Glebe Court)

Existing Chesterfield Borough Council tenants may qualify for a £2,500 payment under the Transfer Incentive Scheme. Please telephone 345 174 for more details.

All properties that are available to let are advertised on the council's On the Move website.

Last updated on 14 May 2019