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Proposed changes to your tenancy agreement

Proposed changes to your tenancy agreement

We are consulting our tenants about proposed changes to their tenancy agreement.

Why is the tenancy agreement being changed?

The tenancy agreement was last reviewed in 2011 and needs to be updated to reflect all the changes that have happened since then.

Changes to council services

At the same time, we want to consult with you about some proposed changes to other services you receive. Since April 2016 we have not had as much money to spend on services for tenants, including repairs and improvements, because of:

  • the Government’s decision to cut rent by one per cent each year from 2016 to 2020. This will reduce our income by £10 million over this period and by £173 million in the next 30 years, which will severely impact on our plans to invest this money in improving your home and providing new ones
  • the introduction of benefit changes, particularly Universal Credit, which mean that tenants will receive their benefit payments monthly in arrears; council rents will no longer be paid directly to the council at source, meaning the responsibility for paying rent rests with you as the tenant
  • in other areas of the country where this new system has already begun, rent arrears have increased significantly - this loss of rental income means there is less money to invest in council home improvements.

What this means

As we will have much less money we need to look at what services we provide and the way we provide them.

Over the summer we worked with tenants, councillors and staff to look at how we can reduce expenditure and prepare for the full introduction of Universal Credit.

To do this we have looked at what changes are necessary in the following areas:

  • repair obligations for tenants and the council
  • the collection of rent and water rates
  • spending on empty homes

We have come up with some proposals and want to consult our tenants about them.

All tenants will be sent an information pack including:

  • a copy of the existing tenancy agreement
  • a summary of the proposed changes
  • a notice of our intention to change the tenancy agreement
  • a questionnaire asking for your views on the proposed changes.

You can see a copy of the information pack here.

If you rent your home from us, it's important that you read the information we send you as the proposed changes will be relevant to all council tenants.

Tenant consultation events

We will be holding a series of drop-in sessions where you can come along, get more information and ask questions. Find out more.

Any questions?

If you have any queries please contact us at or call us on 01246 345147.

You might also like to have a look at our frequently asked questions and answers.


Last updated on 30 October 2017