Repairs and improvements

Repairs and improvements

Our repair responsibilities

As your landlord, we have the responsibility for replacing or repairing items that were part of the premises when a tenancy started.

If they are damaged through normal wear and tear we will repair major items such as:

  • foundations and external walls
  • roof, gutters and rain water pipes
  • central heating and hot water systems
  • windows, doors and frames
  • baths, sinks and toilets
  • fittings for the supply of gas, electricity and water

Your repair responsibilities

We expect you to:

  • take care of your home, including taking reasonable steps to make sure your home is not damaged
  • repair damage caused by you, your family or visitors

In some cases we may repair damage that you have caused, but the cost will always be recharged to you.

Last updated on 07 October 2022