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Repair appointments FAQ

Repair appointments FAQ

Many people may be happy to have the work done without a prior appointment, but if we can agree a definite date when you will be at home, we will guarantee to call on that day and carry out the work.

Please contact the repairs hotline as soon as you realise you can’t keep the appointment. This will allow us to offer the appointment to someone else.

The repairs freephone hotline number is 0800 587 56 59.

In the unlikely event of a workman being unable to keep the appointment, we will try to contact you (by telephone wherever possible) to let you know, as soon as we can.

If we do not keep the appointment, and fail to notify you, we will pay you £13.

Unfortunately not. We carry out numerous types of jobs that are either not suitable for appointments or take too long to fit into a normal working day. To make sure we can continue to do this, we make available a quantity of appointment slots that we are confident can be carried out each day.

Appointment slots can get fully booked but we will try to agree mutually acceptable dates and times with you.

It won’t be possible to give you an exact time when workmen will call because they can easily be delayed if an earlier job takes longer than expected. It would be unfair to leave the job unfinished.

This is not normally necessary for outside work and so we have not included this type of work in the appointment system. The appointment system has been devised so that we can gain access to the inside of your home – but please note that work to windows, and front, side and back doors will usually require access.

When you request an internal repair, you will be asked if you would like an appointment – or you can ask for one.

We will agree a date with you – either morning or afternoon. We need to give our contractors at least three days' notice to enable them to organise the necessary materials and labour. This means that if you report a repair on Monday, the earliest possible appointment would be on Thursday.

  • If all of the appointment slots are full for a particular day, we will suggest another day. We will do our best to find a suitable day for you.
  • Our contractor will call to carry out the repair you have requested. Please ask to see their identification.
  • We will do our utmost to call as early as possible to avoid you having to wait until the latter part of the morning or afternoon.
  • If you want an appointment but know that you will have to slip out, for example, to take children to school or collect them later, please tell us and we will ask the workmen not to call at that time.
  • We can also make appointments for major work, but it will usually be necessary for an inspector to visit you first to assess the amount of work required. 

Emergency repairs are not part of this arrangement. When an emergency arises we will continue to provide 24-hour cover. If you have made an emergency call-out request, please make arrangements to allow us access.

Last updated on 11 July 2017