Customer liaison service

Customer liaison service

The customer liaison service is provided by our customer liaison officers.

The service provides the Housing Service’s contact with tenants whose homes are undergoing major work, modernisation, or are due to have major works or modernisation carried out. It also provides a link between tenants, the Housing Service, architects and contractors. This ensures that minimum disruption is caused to tenants, decoration vouchers are issued promptly (where required) and other reasonable work made necessary by modernisation or major work is carried out to the satisfaction of tenants.

How to contact us

Our customer liaison officers can be contacted on 01246 345175.

Service standards for customer liaison

The service will be available between:

  • 8.30am and 5pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • 10am and 5pm on Wednesdays
  • 8.30am and 4.30pm on Fridays

We will ensure that all people who are due to have modernisation carried out in their homes are notified well in advance of the start of work.

We will visit each tenant whose home is due to be modernised and explain fully the details of the work, choices of work, the people involved and their jobs.

We will provide suitable temporary accommodation where the needs of the tenant and the extent of the work makes this necessary. 

We will arrange a public meeting at a convenient and accessible location and at a convenient time to allow people to see examples of the proposed work and to discuss the work with those planning and carrying it out.

Last updated on 29 April 2022