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Garden assistance scheme

Garden assistance scheme

If you are a council tenant and have difficulty managing your garden, we could help.

We can arrange for for lawns and hedges to be cut at regular intervals during the growing season for tenants that can't physically manage their garden, and have no-one to take care of it for them.

The service is free to tenants who are:

  • aged 75 or over, or
  • under 75 and claim disability benefits, or 
  • disabled and don't claim disability benefits, but have a letter from their doctor or other professional stating that they are physically unable to manage their garden.

Tenants on the scheme must have no one living with them who is physically able to cut their grass and hedges, and not have carers that can give this help living within 5 miles.

Paid-for scheme

If you don't qualify for the free scheme you could still get help for a small charge if you are on a low income, in receipt of Housing Benefit, Universal Credit or are getting Council Tax Support and can't manage your garden. The charge is added to your weekly rent and is payable for the whole year, not just for the period that the work is carried out. You will have to pay the cost of gardening yourself as it is not covered by Housing Benefit or Universal Credit.

We may not be able to take on everyone who applies for the garden assistance scheme as there is a limited number of places.  People who qualify for the free scheme will get priority for the service.

About the garden assistance scheme

Weather permitting, grass will be cut between ten and 12 times during the growing season; hedges are cut twice a year. 

The work is carried out by the council’s grounds maintenance team.  

For more information and a breakdown of scheme charges please contact the neighbourhoods assistants on 01246 345071, 345354 or 345056.

Last updated on 26 July 2019