Homelessness prevention service

Homelessness prevention service

We aim to provide appropriate advice and an efficient homelessness prevention service.

We will always:

  • be polite and professional towards you
  • respect the confidential nature of the information you give us, we will normally only share information with other organisations when it is necessary and with your agreement
  • be sensitive to your individual needs and requirements. We understand that you may be anxious or upset because of your situation
  • provide you with clear, accurate information to allow you to make informed choices
  • do what we say we will and let you know if there are any delays in dealing with your application
  • provide you with a written statement to confirm the advice that we have given you, details of anything we will be doing and any action that you need to take

How to contact us

The homelessness prevention team can be contacted by telephoning 01246 345825.

A homelessness service for out of office hours can be contacted by telephoning 0808 169 2333.

If we have to take a homelessness application, we will try to make a decision within 28 days. However, due to the nature of some claims this may not be possible and if this is the case, we will inform individual applicants of the progress of their claim.

If you need temporary accommodation we will:

  • provide it on the day it is needed for all applicants who are in priority need and who have nowhere to go that night
  • ensure that if you are not offered temporary accommodation we will explain why and give you help and advice to help you find a suitable alternative
  • check bed and breakfast accommodation that we use annually
  • investigate any complaints made to us about bed and breakfast accommodation that we use
  • ensure that wherever possible, under 18-year-olds and families with children do not spend more than six weeks in bed and breakfast
  • move you to more suitable temporary accommodation becomes as soon as this is possible
  • aim to provide emergency accommodation within Chesterfield Borough but recognise that for some people the most suitable accommodation may be out of Chesterfield; for example, supported accommodation for young people

To help you get a permanent home we will:

  • provide you with information about all the options available to you
  • ensure that if you are eligible your housing application is reviewed and updated to reflect your housing needs
  • expect you to bid for accommodation if you are placed onto the priority band in line with council policy
  • provide tenancy support if required

How will we know if we meet these standards?

We will regularly check our performance against these standards and ask you your views.


We will always try to provide the best service that we can but accept that sometimes mistakes and delays do occur. If you are not happy with something that we have done or not done, please contact the Housing Solutions Manager, 73 Low Pavements, Chesterfield, S40 1PB.


We would also like your opinion on what works well, so if a member of our staff or a particular service has impressed you please let us know.

Contacting us

The Homelessness Prevention Team
Chesterfield Borough Council
Town Hall
S40 1LP
Telephone: 01246 345825

Get help from the homelessness prevention service.

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Service Standards for Homelessness Prevention PDF (PDF 1.88 MB)

Last updated on 29 April 2022