Housing disrepair claims

Housing disrepair claims

As a responsible landlord, we take all reports of faults in our properties seriously and aim to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

Tenants are being encouraged to contact us if they have any repair issues they need to discuss, rather than starting a costly legal process, known as a housing disrepair claim, which impacts on council funds to carry out repairs or improvements and often has poor results for tenants.

A housing disrepair claim is a type of legal case that involves a tenant taking legal action against their landlord for failing to fix disrepair or damage on the rented property.

While tenants have a right to seek independent legal advice over disrepair, as a result, we are paying out thousands of pounds in legal costs, leaving less money for repairs and improvements for our properties and we’d much rather this money was used to help our tenants instead of going to large legal firms.

It could also be more costly to you too as you could be left with large legal bills.

Claims management companies encourage tenants to make compensation claims and then sell these claims on to a legal firm for their own gain.

Legal firms make huge profits from disrepair claims.

Even if your claim is successful, the legal firm will take from you a substantial amount of any damages the council agree to pay to you, in addition to any legal costs the council pay to the legal firm, leaving you with only a part of the money paid to you in damages.

The legal firm may also encourage you to refuse to allow access to the council, which prevents the council resolving any issues quickly.

As well as delaying repairs being completed, this is also a breach of your tenancy agreement.

The legal process requires tenants to speak to their landlord first, before attempting to make any claim.

If you are thinking of making a claim against the council due to a fault with your property, we strongly encourage you to speak to us first so we can visit your property and try to resolve the issue without having to take any further costly action.

Problems can often be solved much more quickly and easily if you contact us first.

You can contact us by emailing repair.requests@chesterfield.gov.uk or calling 0800 587 5659 during office hours. In an emergency, you can also call 01246 345041 outside of office hours.


Derbyshire Law Centre

The council understand that tenants can become frustrated if they consider the council is not doing what it should be.

If you feel you need legal advice you can also talk to the Derbyshire Law Centre about your repair claims.

Derbyshire Law Centre has solicitors and caseworkers that specialise in housing law, which includes issues involving disrepair at your home.

Derbyshire Law Centre also has a Legal Aid contract in housing, something most other legal firms doing disrepair claims will not have. You will never have to pay money to Derbyshire Law Centre for their Legal advice.

Derbyshire Law Centre is also local and community based.

If someone is claiming to be from a claims management company, or suggesting you may have a claim for disrepair visits your property, make sure you:

  • always ask for identification
  • call the police if you feel scared or threatened
  • talk to us or Derbyshire Law Centre before you sign any documents


Damp and mould

Damp and mould can cause significant repair issues in your property.

Having mould in your property can be unsightly and – if left without being managed or controlled – can damage your health and your home.

Damp and mould patches on walls, furniture or clothing are likely to be caused by condensation.

Here are some handy tips to help you reduce and control the condensation in your home.

If you are in any doubt about damp and mould at your home, please do contact us.

Last updated on 04 January 2023