Service standards for tenant engagement

Service standards for tenant engagement

The council is committed to tenant involvement.

We offer a range of ways for all of our customers to get involved at a level that is comfortable and convenient to them. Our Customer Involvement Agreement describes the ways that customers can influence, shape and scrutinise Housing Services and how we will support customers to get involved.

Tenant involvement is what happens when customers tell us what they think about the services they receive and have a chance to influence the decisions that affect their homes and neighbourhoods. Our aims for involving customers are:

  • to provide a variety of ways for customers to get involved, in a way and at a level that suits them
  • for customers to regularly receive high-quality information, in appropriate formats, that makes customers aware of all decisions we make and the opportunities they have to influence how services are delivered
  • to consult and involve customers in making decisions at an early stage
  • for customers to be satisfied with the opportunities to influence management, decision making and service delivery and feel confident that we will value and act on their input
  • to have an active and properly supported customer involvement structure
  • to involve customers in a way that achieves continuous service improvements and demonstrates value for money
  • to provide customers with access to high quality training and support to develop the confidence and skills to become involved in decision making

Last updated on 17 February 2023