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Estates management

Estates management

The Neighbourhood Rangers from the Neighbourhoods Team carry out monthly inspections of housing land, including:

  • shared areas of blocks of flats, including fire safety checks
  • land associated with housing
  • garage sites
  • gardens

They identify problems such as waste left in blocks of flats and bin areas, fly tipping, dog fouling, littering, graffiti, overgrown vegetation, etc., and report this to the appropriate organisation to deal with. They also ensure that council tenants’ gardens are maintained to an acceptable standard.

The Neighbourhood Rangers try to identify the person responsible and deal with it informally, or, where necessary, by legal enforcement. For instance, they can issue Fixed Penalty Notices for littering and dog fouling. They work closely with colleagues from the Neighbourhoods Team, particularly with their partner Estate and Neighbourhood Officers to take action against tenants who have broken the requirement of their tenancy agreements, for instance, by dumping waste or allowing their gardens to fall into an unacceptable condition.

The clearance of waste from inside blocks of flats or bin rooms is carried out by Veolia, a private contractor.

The clearance of waste from open land, routine landscape maintenance, litter picking and road sweeping are carried out by the council’s streetscene team.

Weekly cleaning of all internal communal areas of blocks of flats is carried out by a private contractor. This contract is managed by the Neighbourhoods Team.

Tenants who cannot look after their gardens (mostly older and/or disabled people) can apply for the Garden Assistance Scheme to have their gardens maintained. If you are over 75 or receiving a disability benefit, you may qualify for this service free of charge. The work is carried out by the council’s grounds maintenance team.

Last updated on 07 April 2021