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Discharge of statutory duty and offers in the priority band

Discharge of statutory duty and offers in the priority band

Applicants in the priority band have been placed in that band because their circumstances mean that they need to be housed quickly.

Previously, statutory homeless households could bid on properties advertised for four weeks. After that time, if they had not placed a successful bid, a proxy bid would be made on their behalf for suitable accommodation. As many applicants did not place any bids at all, it took longer for the council to offer a suitable property to homeless households.

The council will no longer allow statutory homeless households to bid for accommodation. Instead, the council will make a direct match of suitable accommodation for them.

For all other applicants in the priority band, there was no time limit for them to place bids. This meant that there were some applicants with an urgent need to move who were not bidding for accommodation that would be suitable for them.

We have added a time limit of 12 weeks to the priority status for priority band applicants (not statutory homeless applicants). After 12 weeks, a review of the applicant's circumstances will be carried out and a direct match of the next suitable property will be made for them.

Last updated on 14 January 2016