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Right to appeal

Right to appeal

We are moving to our new system 'Home-Options' for managing our council housing applications.

This will replace our current 'On the Move' system. We will operate both Home-Options and On the Move system for a short time to allow applicants time to register on the new system. 

Please make sure you have reregistered on our Home-Options system so that you are still on our records and are able to bid on properties in the future.

Find out more here.

Do you feel that the housing policy has not been carried out properly, or that your situation is not being catered for under it? In some instances you have the right to appeal to the head of Housing.

Normally, you should first seek advice from officers within housing services about your case.

If you are still not satisfied you should write to the Housing Options Manager at the the Housing Options Centre within 21 days of receiving the letter telling you of the decision that you wish to appeal against.

Here are some examples of situations that you may be able to appeal against:

Waiting list cases

You will normally receive two offers of reasonable accommodation from the Housing Register as defined by council policy.

  • If you refuse a second offer of accommodation, your application will normally be placed in General Band 2 for one year.
  • If you feel that one of the properties offered was not reasonable then you may appeal against this.
  • If we refuse to accept your application, or take your name off the Housing Register, then you will be notified in writing of the reasons for this.


You may not always legally be able to succeed to a tenancy. In some instances, subject to council policy, you may be offered alternative accommodation.

We apply to take back your home – introductory tenants have the right of appeal if the tenancy agreement has been breached and a Notice of Possession Proceedings is served for reasons other than rent arrears.

These are just general examples. You will need to speak to the officer dealing with your case before it can be considered by the head of Housing. 

Your Right to Appeal (pdf 1.05 MB)

Last updated on 08 August 2019