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To transfer properties you will need to register for the choice based lettings (CBL) scheme.

You can apply to be registered by completing and returning the application form and financial assessment which are available to download below.

You can also contact us and we will send you the forms in the post, or you can complete them at the Housing Options Centre (details below).

If you need help in filling in the forms, please contact one of our housing options officers and we can arrange for a member of staff to help you:

Housing Options Centre

On the Move
73 Low Pavements
S40 1PB
Telephone: 01246 345700

Please note: to be allowed to transfer, your home must be in a reasonable condition and you should not owe any rent.

Our policy aims to allocate homes to people who need them the most.

When you apply for a move, we will assess the level of your need by placing you in one of four bands and giving you points. The details of how these points are given are contained in our allocations and transfer policy. However, even people who are not in great housing need can apply for a transfer.

Housing application form (pdf 144 KB)
Financial assessment (pdf 429 KB)

Last updated on 30 November 2017