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Housing strategy

Housing strategy

Housing strategies

Housing Strategy 2013-2016

The Housing Strategy sets out the framework for the council to meet its identified housing priorities. It aims to ensure that the limited resources of the council and its partners are targeted effectively and in a co-ordinated way to maximise the benefits for the residents of Chesterfield. As there have been many recent changes in legislation and new government initiatives it is proposed to review the Housing Strategy Action Plan each year to ensure it is still relevant and appropriate. The council's Housing Strategy for 2013–2016 was approved by Full Council in April 2013.

Tenancy Strategy

The tenancy strategy sets out our approach to granting tenancies for affordable housing in Chesterfield. In line with government guidance, registered providers of affordable rented homes in the borough, including housing associations, will need to take account of our policy when granting tenancies. Please select the link above to view the strategy.

Homelessness Strategy

A joint strategy with Bolsover District Council and North East Derbyshire District Council has been completed which addresses homelessness across North Derbyshire. You can view the strategy by clicking on the link above.

Find out more about the work of our homelessness team.

Affordable Warmth Strategy

Cold homes, high healthcare costs, cold-related illnesses and excess winter deaths are the visible signs of fuel poverty, a problem that affects millions of households each year. The affordable warmth strategy provides a framework for partnership working and co-operation to tackle fuel poverty and promote affordable warmth across Chesterfield, North East Derbyshire and Bolsover Districts.

Current housing research

Our strategic housing documents have been developed using comprehensive research to help set our priorities. These include:

Strategic Housing Market Assessment

A Strategic Housing Market Assessment for the North Derbyshire and Bassetlaw Housing Market Area (Chesterfield BC, North East Derbyshire DC, Bolsover DC, Bassetlaw DC) has been completed. The assessment identifies the housing needs for all tenures within the area covered by the authorities.

There are:

  • two reports examining the housing market on different scales
  • an overall report that considered the needs of the four authorities
  • a Chesterfield Borough Council report

Disabled Persons Housing Needs Study 2012

This study examines the housing needs of people with physical disabilities in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. There is an overall report for the 15 local authorities involved and a specific report for Chesterfield. The aims of the study were:

  • to better understand how to meet the housing needs of people with physical disabilities, in order that they can be provided with housing appropriate to meet their needs
  • to better understand the means by which appropriate housing for disabled people can be delivered across all housing tenures and how value for money can be ensured
  • to obtain a robust evidence base for the development of housing for disabled people that can be used to inform future policies, strategies and negotiations with developers

The research focuses on the physical structure and facilities of a home, rather than care and support issues.

Older research for reference

Housing Need studies

After the completion of the Strategic Housing Market Assessment, four housing needs studies were completed to examine the results relating to vulnerable groups in more detail. The four housing need studies looked at the housing needs and housing experiences across the Northern HMA (Chesterfield BC, North East Derbyshire DC, Bolsover DC and Bassetlaw DC) of older persons, young people, black and minority ethnic groups and those with multiple needs (eg, alcohol/drug addiction).

In addition to the four pieces of housing needs work being completed across the Northern HMA, a Derbyshire wide Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment has been completed. This study examined the accommodation and service needs of Gypsies and Travellers across Derbyshire and the Peak District.

Private Rented Sector Housing research

A research study into the private rented housing sector across the North Derbyshire and Bassetlaw Housing Market Area (NDBHMA) was carried out in 2010. The study's purpose was to help the NDBHMA authorities:

  • better understand the role of the private rented sector in the housing market and how it might impact on the housing market as a whole
  • provide an overview of the sector, showing how it has changed since 2001 and the effects of the downturn in the housing market
  • provide information on what drives supply and demand in the sector
  • identify long term trends and emerging issues
  • identify policy approaches and interventions for managing and influencing the sector

The study was used by private sector housing teams across the NDBHMA to look at approaches towards the sector.


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