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Local investment plan

Local investment plan

North Derbyshire & Bassetlaw Housing Market Area Local Investment Plan

This Local Investment Plan has been approved by the six local authorities within the North Derbyshire & Bassetlaw HMA:

  • Bassetlaw District Council
  • Bolsover District Council
  • Chesterfield Borough Council
  • Derbyshire County Council
  • North East Derbyshire District Council
  • Nottinghamshire County Council

This is the first Local Investment Plan for the Housing Market Area and has been prepared jointly by the six local authorities and the Homes and Communities Agency. The plan sets out the shared priorities for regeneration and economic development. It will play a major role in supporting sustainable economic growth both within the Housing Market Area and the wider Sheffield City Region and Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire counties.

The plan recognises that each local authority faces a unique set of issues and is based on robust analysis and understanding of the evidence base across the Housing Market Area. The investment priorities outlined in the plan flow directly from the challenges and needs identified.

The plan is a "live" document (download at the bottom the page) that will be updated and is flexible to respond to changing government priorities and opportunities that may arise. The process of preparing this plan has been hugely beneficial, as it sets out our shared priorities over the short and longer term, providing a framework for decision making in the restricted public spending environment we are in.

The LIP is structured in four distinct parts:

  • Part A – Strategic overview – outlines the strategic context of the area, focusing on its economy, and identifies the vision, objectives and overarching priorities for the HMA.
  • Part B – Thematic priorities – describes in further detail the needs and rationale underpinning the four HMA wide thematic intervention priorities and outlines the key issues and approaches pursued by the Partners. Part B concludes with a summary of projected outputs and funding requirements for all priority projects.
  • Part C – Local authority Housing and Place Making Priorities – identifies the intervention proposals, under each of the thematic priorities, being promoted by each of the individual local authorities. 
  • Part D – Local Investment Plan Delivery – provides an overview of delivery and monitoring arrangements, resources and strategic risks.
North Derbyshire and Bassetlaw Housing Market Area Local Investment Plan (pdf 7.77 MB)

Last updated on 11 July 2017