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Recycling your rubbish after Christmas

Recycling your rubbish after Christmas

At this time of year there can be lots more waste to get rid of than usual, so here's a quick guide to what can go where:

You can recycle all that extra Christmas cardboard on blue bin day.

Please flatten all cardboard and put it in your blue bin if you can (make sure the lid will shut).

Any very large boxes, or excess that won't fit in your bin, should be flattened and bundled up together so it won't blow away - you could squeeze several flattened boxes inside one larger one to keep it all together.

Put the extra cardboard outside with your bin on blue bin collection day, please try to secure it if it's windy weather.

Cardboard can also be taken to the Stonegravels Household Waste Recycling Centre.

If you've already filled your blue caddy with glass for recycling, you can put out your extra bottles and jars on blue bin day.

Any extra bottles and jars can be put out in a stong container, such as a plastic box or bucket, and left alongside your blue bin.

Please make sure that:

  • the container is sturdy and won't blow away or fall apart (cardboard boxes are likely to get soggy, bags may tear or split)
  • the container isn't over-filled or too heavy to lift safely
  • the contents of the container are visible - so the refuse collector knows it's glass for recycling
  • the bottles and jars have been rinsed out and lids removed.


If you can't find another use for your Christmas cards*, you can recycle them in your blue bin.

Please remove any bows, ribbons, foam pads or other embellishments before putting your Christmas cards into your blue bin, as they can't be recycled.

* Have you thought about using this year's Christmas cards to make next year's gift tags? Cards can also make good bookmarks or be used for writing down shopping lists etc. get more ideas here.

You can dispose of wrapping paper in your blue recycling bin.

Please make sure you remove all tape and any bows etc before putting the paper in your blue bin.

Any foil or cellophane wrapping must be disposed of in your black general waste bin.

If your real tree doesn't have roots*, you'll need to dispose of it.


Ashgate Hospice are running a Christmas 'treecycle' service between 8 and 10 January 2018. For a donation to their charity they will collect your tree and take it away for recycling.

Find out more on the Ashgate Hospice website.

Recycling your tree

Real Christmas trees can also be cut up into small pieces and disposed of in your green bin, but make sure that the lid will close flat.

Alternatively, you can dispose of your tree in the green waste skip at the Stonegravels Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Christmas trees should not be disposed of in your black general waste bin.

* If you bought a tree with roots you may be able to re-pot it into a larger container in the spring or plant it in your garden.


If you've received a new electrical appliance this Christmas, you may be thinking of disposing of an old or broken one.

Old and broken small electrical items can be disposed of on top of your blue bin on collection day, and should never be put in your black general waste bin

Find out about disposing of small electrical items here.

Remember though that some charities may be able to use your working but unwanted electrical items, or you may be able to sell them or give them away for free. Get some ideas here.

Used household batteries such as from toys, electrical gadgets and remote controls can be recycled by: 

Returning them to shops that sell batteries (most shops which sell batteries have to provide a recycling point).

Putting them in a plastic bag and tying it to your blue bin for collection.

Taking them to the Household Waste Recycling Centre.

If you're not sure when your bin collections are over the Christmas and New Year period you can find out here.

Last updated on 02 January 2018