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Fly-tipping is where rubbish is illegally dumped on land without permission from the landowners or without a licence.

The worst hotspots for dumped junk are country lanes, laybys and recycling sites.

The most common items to be dumped are garden waste, builders waste, household black bags and white goods (such as fridges, freezers, washing machines).

Who cleans up fly-tipping?

We will clear away rubbish that is left on the roadside, on pavements and on public land.

It is the responsibility of land owners to remove fly tipping from their own private land and prevent further tipping.

We will always try to trace the origin of the waste and when it was dumped to find the culprits and hold them to account.

Why is it such a problem?

Fly-tipping is unacceptable. It is ugly, dangerous and ruins our countryside.

We spend thousands of pounds every year cleaning up waste that has just been dumped - and that money comes from your council tax. 

What are we doing about it?

We use various methods and technology to identify offenders. This includes covert surveillance at fly-tipping hot spots, carrying out stop-and-search exercises with the police on vehicles that may be carrying waste, and working with the Environment Agency. We also have our own team of dedicated enforcement officers who are highly trained in tracing offenders.


Fly-tippers will be prosecuted. They can be required to pay the full clean-up costs to the council plus a fine of up to £50,000 and up to five years imprisonment as well as the loss of their driving licence.

We can also issue fixed penalty notices of £300 to anyone found fly-tipping. 

How you can help

If you see anyone who is dumping waste do not intervene, but please try to note as much information as possible, such as registration details of vehicles, any markings such as business name, and descriptions of people. Also note the date, time and location and contact us as soon as possible. 

If you have a camera or phone camera, only take pictures if it's safe to do so, and do not approach the culprits.  

Don't get caught out yourself

If you have household waste to dispose of, you can take it to the household waste recycling centre for free. 

If you aren't able to dispose of it yourself, we offer a chargeable bulky waste collection service.

If you decide to pay someone to take away your waste, make sure they are a licensed waste carrier and provide you with the proper legal paperwork - see our duty of care page for more details. 

Last updated on 29 April 2020