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It is illegal both to flypost and to benefit from advertising through flyposting.

Furthermore, flyposting is an anti-social activity that creates a negative impression of an area and contributes to people's fear of crime.

The council takes flyposting seriously, especially where the advert creates a safety hazard. The council can take action against those that flypost. Derbyshire County Council is responsible for the highways and therefore any flyposting, signs and placards left on traffic lights, grass verges, roundabouts and similar sites should be reported to them. You can ring Call Derbyshire on 01629 533190.

If you would like any unsightly flyposting removed from our property or private property, please use the contact details below.

You can contact the Environmental Services Department at the following address:

Town Hall
S40 1LP

Telephone: 01246 345345
General: Contact us online

Last updated on 12 March 2020