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The Eco-Schools programme provides a simple framework to enable your school to analyse its environment, learn how it is managed and become more sustainable.

It certainly encompasses most aspects of the Sustainable Schools Framework and also can be achieved by using evidence from many schemes you are already involved in, ie, Healthy Schools Award and the School Travel Plan.

The programme is not about environmental excellence. Instead, it aims to allow students and staff to realise how their school impacts the environment. By following the programme, schools can become more stimulating places to learn, whilst reducing the environmental impact of the whole school and the community.

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Chesterfield Borough Council’s Street Scene Team performs a variety of services to help improve the environment in Chesterfield. One of their roles is to work to reduce littering and dog fouling, which can be a big problem around schools. To support this, we are offering all primary and secondary schools in Chesterfield some practical and educational assistance to reduce littering and dog fouling in an area around the school.

We can come to your school and give a 15-minute assembly on the facts and issues surrounding littering and dog fouling. Other topics are discussed, such as recycling. A short question-and-answer period and a printed quiz with answers based on the presentation are provided.

We can also provide a litter pick of the school grounds and/or surrounding streets, whereby groups of children wear hi-vis vests, gloves and litter pickers to collect litter from the local area. All equipment is provided, as well as litter monitoring sheets so that sources of the litter can be identified and analysed.

Either before or after the litter pick takes place, the school is encouraged to visit the website After registering the school can make a pledge, describe a location and enter the event, eg, we pledge to litter pick our school grounds and surrounding streets. Then enter the date of the litter pick. Take some photos during the litter pick and enter them on the website. Then we can show how the people of Chesterfield love where they live.

If your school holds any environmental events, contact us on the telephone the street scene team on (01246 345 735) so we can assist and help publicise it in bulletins, on our website and in newspapers.

A spreadsheet describing how the presentation, litter pick and supporting materials cover subject areas, learning outcomes and skills within the Key Stage 2 curriculum is also provided.

Below are the downloadable resources that are provided.

Click on the links below for the appropriate school level.

Spire Pride Quiz (All Ages) (pdf 60 KB)
Litter Count Sheet (All Ages) (pdf 22 KB)
Key Stage 2 Curriculum (pdf 39 KB)

Presentations for primary and secondary schools

The presentations are available upon request. Please contact Street Scene.

Telephone: 01246 345 735

For more information on Love Where You Live, visit

Last updated on 11 February 2016