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FAQs - disruption at Boythorpe Cemetery

FAQs - disruption at Boythorpe Cemetery

This page is designed to answer any questions you may have about access to Boythorpe Cemetery in Chesterfield from 23 April 2019 due to works happening on Rufford Close. 

  • What is happening?

During the final stages of constructing the new houses on Rufford Close one of the carbon monoxide detectors installed within the homes activated. Experts have visited the site and found that carbon monoxide is coming through the ground in to one of the homes.

The new properties have been made safe and we are confident that no-one has been put at risk.

Investigations have recently been carried out, on behalf of Chesterfield Borough Council, relating to the source and extent of a possible spontaneous combustion event suspected beneath the properties at nos. 1-4 Rufford Close.

Investigations indicate there is a spontaneous combustion event occurring within the vicinity of the excavated area of coal beneath plots 1-2 Rufford Close.

  • What will be done about this problem?

The burning material needs to be removed and the remaining coal seam appropriately sealed. In order to carry out these works it will be necessary to demolish all four new properties on Rufford Close and remove waste material as appropriate.

  • When will the works on site be complete?

The works will begin after the Easter break and will take from six to eight weeks to complete.

  • How will the works affect the cemetery?

There will be extra traffic in the area due to lorries making their way to and from the new houses on Rufford Close.

The vehicles will be using the cemetery access road and Boythorpe Crescent to access the site and complete the works needed.

Signs will be displayed at the cemetery to inform users about any planned disruption.

  • Will there be any disruption to planned burials?

No, there will be no disruption to planned services.

  • Will I still be able to visit the cemetery and the neonatal baby garden during the works?

Yes, the cemetery will be open as usual. Any changes will be updated on this web page and via posters at the cemetery.

  • Will there be an increased amount of dust / smoke in the area?

Dust suppression will take place throughout the works period but there may be visible signs of dust and smoke which may affect properties in the immediate vicinity.

  • Is there any risk to the health of local residents?

No. The site has been made safe and although there may be increased levels of dust / smoke in the area whilst the works are taking place, there is no risk to public health.

  • Are the levels of carbon monoxide being monitored on site?

Yes. Arrangements have been made to actively monitor carbon monoxide levels at the site and there is no indication of adverse levels in the surrounding area.

Air quality generally will be measured during the works.


Last updated on 23 April 2019