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Independent funeral costs

Independent funeral costs

The majority of funerals are completed by funeral directors, who will provide the coffin, hearse and following cars. This is often referred to as the "package" funeral, and it is designed for people who wish to leave everything to the funeral director.

The funeral director must cover his or her operating cost and a typical cremation-based funeral could cost around £3000.

You may not be aware that you can arrange cremation (and burial) direct with Bereavement Services, and limit your use of a funeral director or not use one at all. This enables you to control the funeral and make it more personal and meaningful. If you do not use a funeral director at all then you also ensure that no strangers handle the body of the deceased.

This approach will require you to spend time making the arrangements, and where you do not use a funeral director, you will need a vehicle to collect and transfer the coffin, and people to act as bearers. If this type of funeral appeals to you, contact Bereavement Services for more information. 

The cost of the independent option is set out below. The cremation fee includes all forms, administration, the use of the crematorium chapel, organist and electronic music, the cremation and placing of the remains in the Garden of Remembrance. If you prefer to take the cremated remains elsewhere, there are various inexpensive containers available.

The total cost, if you do not use a funeral director, will be:

Independent funeralCost
Cremation fee £521.35
Doctors fees for medical certificates (approx.) £147.00
Coffin £136.50
Ministers/secular officiants fee £162.00
Total £966.85

The doctor's fee shown above will not apply if the death is reported to the coroner, and a certificate for cremation is issued. This avoids the need for doctors' forms. The minister or secular officiant's fee will not apply if you take the service yourself, or do not require a service.

Transporting the deceased

The above costs assume you will provide your own transport and bearers, and keep the deceased at home or in the hospital mortuary (which is free of charge).

If you prefer to use a funeral director to complete this part of the funeral, then the following information may be helpful.

Try to obtain several quotations from different funeral directors. This should include collecting a coffin purchased by you, collecting the body of the deceased from the mortuary at the hospital, and travel directly to Chesterfield Crematorium at the time you have arranged the funeral. You could ask the funeral director to quote for using either an estate car or a hearse, and for the driver to act as a bearer at the cemetery. Prices for this will probably vary between £60 and £150. This gives you a guideline figure, which enables you to complete a funeral without the need for a vehicle to carry the coffin. Transporting the coffin directly to the crematorium is, in fact, slightly easier as it can be done in advance of the funeral, using our Chapel of Rest, which is described below.

Flowers, funeral teas and obituaries will increase this cost. If you use a coffin supplied by the funeral director, or request cosmetic treatment (embalming) or the use of their Chapel of Rest, then you need to confirm these costs before you proceed.


A choice of environmentally friendly coffins is available from the suppliers listed on the Biodegradeable coffins page. Prices will vary from around £150 for a cardboard coffin to £350 for one manufactured from wicker. It is important to note that pure wood coffins are rarely used these days and can cost in the region of £700 to £800.

Chapel of Rest

The deceased's body can be retained in our overnight chapel. This is a small room near the entrance to the crematorium, which you can also use for viewing. The deceased's body can be retained for a short period leading up to the funeral. This enables you to use your own vehicle, a hired vehicle or a funeral director as described above, to convey the deceased to the crematorium prior to the funeral. You can then meet at the crematorium chapel for the service at a time you arrange.

The fee for this service is:

  • up to 24 hours: £30.00
  • for each subsequent 24 hours: £30.00


We can supply bearers at the service for £45.00 each, if you do not have enough family members to carry the coffin.

Last updated on 18 October 2017