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Equality Impact Assessments 2010–2011

Equality Impact Assessments 2010–2011

Please click on the links in the table below to view the EIAs completed in 2010–2011.

Business transformation

Corporate Health and Safety Policy (pdf 80 KB)
Street Pastors (pdf 88 KB)
Support Services Review (pdf 61 KB)

Customer services and organisational development

Grievance Policy (pdf 65 KB)
Corporate Services PPP (pdf 130 KB)


Air Quality (pdf 62 KB)
Gambling Act Statement of Principles (pdf 78 KB)
Licensing Act Statement of Policy (pdf 79 KB)
Cemeteries Fees and Charges (pdf 89 KB)
Healthy Hub (pdf 92 KB)
Street Scene Improvement Plan (pdf 77 KB)
Green Travel Plan (pdf 91 KB)
Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licensing Policy and Conditions (pdf 82 KB)
Regulation of Sexual Entertainment Venues (pdf 56 KB)


Freedom of the Borough: Squadron 575 (pdf 61 KB)
Flag Flying Procedure (pdf 57 KB)


Housing Capital Improvement (pdf 81 KB)
Stonegravels Reception (pdf 63 KB)


Market Hall Redevelopment (pdf 99 KB)
Working Neighbourhoods Fund Evaluation (pdf 58 KB)
Work Clubs (pdf 61 KB)
Chesterfield Arts and Markets Festival (pdf 84 KB)
Cultural Venus Fees and Charges (pdf 80 KB)
Volunteering in Cultural Services (pdf 82 KB)
Fourth Chesterfield Local Development Scheme (pdf 60 KB)
Markets Fees and Charges (pdf 54 KB)

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