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Equality Impact Assessments 2011–2012

Equality Impact Assessments 2011–2012

Please click on the links in the table below to view the EIAs completed in 2011–2012.

Business transformation

Support Services Review (pdf 61 KB)

Customer service and organisational development

Customer Service Strategy (pdf 95 KB)


Third Wheeled Bin (pdf 52 KB)
Cumulative Impact Policy (pdf 92 KB)
Memorials Policy (pdf 58 KB)
Environmental Services Fees and Charges (pdf 60 KB)
Lighting Langer Fields (pdf 59 KB)
Transport Code of Practice (pdf 57 KB)


Council Tax Discretionary Discounts for Second Homes and Long Term Empty Properties (pdf 63 KB)


Affordable Warmth Strategy (pdf 72 KB)
Housing Allocations Policy (pdf 73 KB)
Barrow Hill Enabling Works (pdf 51 KB)
Homeless Prevention Budget (pdf 59 KB)
Review of Private Sector Housing Renewal Policy (pdf 61 KB)
Home Repairs Assistance Awards Policy Changes (pdf 86 KB)


Asset Management Plan (pdf 104 KB)
Local Sustainable Transport Bid (pdf 63 KB)
Destination Chesterfield (pdf 56 KB)
Growth & Innovation Fund (pdf 56 KB)
Market Hall Redevelopment (pdf 103 KB)
European Regional Development Fund ERDF 2007–13: Local Investment Plan Refresh (pdf 77 KB)
Enterprise Zones (pdf 74 KB)
Chesterfield Gateway Enhancement Programme (pdf 60 KB)
Chesterfield Innovation Support Programme (pdf 60 KB)
Strategy for New Homes Bonus (pdf 58 KB)
Town Centre Footfall Study (pdf 56 KB)

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