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Equality Impact Assessments 2012–2013

Equality Impact Assessments 2012–2013

Please click on the links in the table below to view the EIAs completed in 2012–2013.

Business transformation

Changes to Car Allowance Scheme (pdf 113 KB)
Provision of Mobile Devices for Members and Officers (pdf 63 KB)
Lost Property Handling Policy (pdf 59 KB)
Ski-Pad Safety Emergency Escape Mattresses (pdf 61 KB)

Customer services and organisational development

Recruitment and Selection Policy (pdf 106 KB)
ICT Strategy 2012–2014 (pdf 61 KB)
Council Tax Support Scheme (pdf 178 KB)
Redundancy Policy (pdf 105 KB)


Dog Control Orders for Eastwood Park (pdf 87 KB)
Miscellaneous Fees and Charges 2013–2014 (pdf 90 KB)
Fees and Charges Pricing Strategy Sport and Recreation 2013 (pdf 127 KB)
Dog Control Order – Dog Fouling (pdf 62 KB)
Eastwood Park Restoration Project: Sports Pavilion (pdf 98 KB)


Data Protection Act Policy (pdf 60 KB)
Freedom of Information Policy (pdf 59 KB)
Records Management Policy (pdf 59 KB)
Re-use of Public Sector Information Policy (pdf 59 KB)


Transfer of Land at Former Foolow Court (pdf 62 KB)
Improvement / Redevelopment of Parkside Sheltered Housing Scheme (pdf 107 KB)
Proposed Changes to Allocations Policy (pdf 75 KB)
Anti-Social Behaviour Statement of Policy (pdf 94 KB)
Local Authority Mortgage Support Scheme (pdf 54 KB)
Retro-fit Fire Safety Sprinkler Systems Pilot (pdf 51 KB)
Review of Private Sector Housing Renewal Policy (pdf 62 KB)


Community Infrastructure Levy (pdf 52 KB)
Arts Strategy (pdf 88 KB)
Venues Programming Policy (pdf 90 KB)
Northern Gateway Procurement of a Development Partner (pdf 89 KB)
Relocation of Car Boot Sale (pdf 59 KB)
Chesterfield Museum Service Access Policy (pdf 51 KB)
Chesterfield Museum Documentation of Collections Policy (pdf 60 KB)
Chesterfield Museum Care and Conservation Policy (pdf 61 KB)
Chesterfield Museum Environmental Policy (pdf 50 KB)
Chesterfield Theatres Feasibility Study (pdf 60 KB)
Chesterfield Markets Rents (pdf 61 KB)
Local Plan Core Strategy Policy: Sites for Travellers (pdf 72 KB)
Local Plan General Core Strategy Policies (pdf 68 KB)

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