Careline support service

Careline support service

We can work with you to develop a personalised support plan which promotes your safety and independence while living in your own home.

Support service visitWith regular visits from your dedicated support officer, at intervals to suit you, we can support you in a variety of different ways.

Our service is flexible and can be adapted to suit your changing needs, to help you maximise your independence. 

Who is the support service for? 

The support service is a paid-for service that is available to anyone, of any age, whether they live in their own home or are a tenant. It is especially useful for people who:

  • live alone
  • are at higher risk of falling
  • have mobility or other health issues
  • do not have family close by
  • have just returned home from hospital

Why have a support officer? 

Your support officer provides the link between you and a range of different services, reducing the pressure on you, your family and your loved ones. They put you at the centre of their service, treating you with dignity and respect, and they recognise that you are unique - your support officer will tailor their visits to meet your needs and give you the support that suits you.  

What do support officers do?

Support officers help you develop your personalised support plan, and work with you to: 

  • help you to live more independently in your own home
  • access services from other agencies and providers
  • carry out a benefits check to make sure you are claiming the correct benefits and allowances
  • arrange any adaptations to your home that are needed to support your independence
  • help you get involved in your local community and access social activities

They can also:

  • arrange referrals to health services to make or change appointments
  • support you to discuss health concerns with your GP and other health workers
  • help with paperwork and highlight safety concerns around scam mail and calls
  • identify where a client might be at risk of abuse, and work with adult care teams
  • provide support with rehousing if needed

These are just a few examples of how your support officer can help you, there are many more - too many to list them all!

Support officer visit

Support officer visits

Your support officer will spend time getting to know you, finding out what is most important to you and what your desired outcomes are for the future. Over the first few weeks they will develop your personalised support plan with you, and adapt it if your needs change.  

How much will it cost?

The support service is a paid-for service that costs £10.83 per month, or you can take out our full package including the Careline alarm and response service for a single payment of £38.65 per month - find out more about Careline here

The support service charge isn't covered by Housing Benefit. However if you are in receipt of benefits, you may be able to get help towards your support service costs depending on the benefits you receive, ask us for details.

If you live in one of our sheltered housing schemes, you will already pay a contribution for the support service as part of your rent.

Signing up for the support service

You can sign up for the support service on its own, or combined with the Careline alarm and response service.

We will work out the right package to suit you and will let you know how much the charge will be per month. We recommend setting up a direct debit to pay your support service charge so that's one less thing to worry about.  

Find out more

Get in touch to find out more about Careline and our support service - contact us here, or see what our customers say about our service.

Last updated on 27 October 2022