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Sheltered accommodation

Sheltered accommodation

Chesterfield Borough Council has seven Sheltered Housing Schemes throughout Chesterfield.

Each scheme has a scheme manager whose role is to:

  • welcome new tenants and help them settle in
  • promote and encourage independent living by providing support and advice regarding agencies that provide services needed to assist independent living
  • visit tenants every Monday to Friday, arranged in discussion with you. The scheme manager may visit more often during illness or after discharge from hospital.
  • arrange social activities within Community Room
  • answer calls for assistance and to call a doctor or emergency services as required
  • report repairs on your behalf to the Repairs Department in Operational Services
  • arrange for a response officer to visit you at weekends during periods of illness

The Careline and Response Service operate 24 hours per day and will provide assistance to you whenever the scheme manager is off duty.

If you are interested in moving to a Sheltered Scheme or would like more information, please contact on of our Housing Solutions Officers on 01246 345 700 or select this link for further information on sheltered accommodation.

For further information regarding services in Sheltered Accommodation contact Careline on 0300 323 0076.

Last updated on 14 June 2018