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Civil parking enforcement order

Civil parking enforcement order

Find out about proposed changes to the 2014 parking order here.


Civil Parking Enforcement Order 2014

The off-street parking order for Chesterfield public car parks (below) is effective from 10 February 2014. 

Civil Parking Enforcement Order 2014 (pdf 33.85 MB)

Changes to the 2014 Parking Order – November 2015

The modification order below removes from the 2014 Order parking places (or in one case, part of a parking place) that the council no longer owns. The modification also includes parking areas of the new Queen’s Park Sports Centre.

Parking Places Modification Order 2015-17 (pdf 547 KB)


Consultation on proposed changes to the 2014 Parking Order (as amended)

On 3 August 2017 the Council approved proposals for changes to the above 2014 parking order (as amended in 2015) .

Consultation on the proposed changes was carried out from 14 September to 9 October 2017; any unresolved representations on the changes will now be considered.

The modification adds some parking places, removes some parking places, updates names of some car parks, substitutes maps of some car parks, and modifies charges and hours of operation of some car parks. Details of the proposed changes are in the documents below.

Here you can see:


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