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Residents' on-street parking permits

Residents' on-street parking permits

A residents' parking scheme is in force on streets surrounding Chesterfield town centre.

Derbyshire County Council has created three residents' parking zones on streets that experience high levels of non-resident parking (for example by shoppers and commuters) for long periods of the day, meaning that residents find it difficult to park their vehicles.  

Civil enforcement officers carry out the enforcement of parking restrictions within these zones, if you park in a residents' only space without a permit you may receive a Penalty Charge Notice.

Streets included in the scheme

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  • Albion Road
  • Clarence Road
  • Foljambe Road
  • Lower Grove Road
  • Rose Hill
  • Rutland Road

See a map of zone A including the restrictions in force here:

Parking Zone A PDF (PDF 515 KB)
  • Avondale Road
  • Cobden Road
  • Compton Street
  • Cross Street
  • Fairfield Road
  • Gladstone Road
  • Marsden Street
  • Queen Street
  • St. Margaret’s Drive
  • Tennyson Avenue
  • West Street

See a map of zone B including the restrictions in force here:

Parking Zone B PDF (PDF 600 KB)
  • Abercrombie Street
  • Alder Court (10, 11)
  • Amber Court (10, 11)
  • Avon Court (10, 11)
  • Brunswick Street
  • Canal Wharf
  • Dowdeswell Street
  • Hardwick Street
  • Hazelhurst Avenue
  • Hazelhurst Lane
  • 1st cul-de-sac (west)
  • 2nd cul-de-sac (east)
  • Haslem Court (1, 3, 5, 7)
  • Higher Albert Street
  • Highfield Road (6 to 30, 1 to 5)
  • Lea Court (10, 11)
  • Madin Street
  • New Queen Street
  • Newbold Road (43 to 89)
  • Princess Street
  • Regents Gardens
  • St. Helen’s Street
  • Sheffield Road (5 to 55, 52 to 56)
  • Victoria Street
  • Wharf Lane

See a map of zone C including the restrictions in force here:

Parking Zone C PDF (PDF 524 KB)

Please note: different arrangements apply for Park Road, Beetwell Street, Hollis Lane and South Place

Permit details for zones A, B and C

Permits are available to purchase from Chesterfield Borough Council who administers the scheme on behalf of Derbyshire County Council.

Cost of permits

  • residents permit (first permit) £35 per year
  • additional residents permits: £50 per year, per permit (no limit)
  • annual visitor permit: £13 per year (limited to one per property) - this is a flexible permit for any visitor to your property, therefore it does not need to registered to a particular vehicle
  • visitor day permit: £3 per day (scratch cards – minimum purchase of five (£15), with a maximum of 100 per year, per property)
  • business permit: £70 per year (limited to one per business within the zone)
  • disabled residents may be eligible for a free resident's permit, subject to a mobility assessment by Derbyshire County Council. Telephone 01629 533190 for more details

Please note: permits will only allow you to park in the zone that they have been issued for, not in any zone. 

Park Road, Beetwell Street, Hollis Lane and South Place

Park Road, Beetwell Street, Hollis Lane and South Place are not included in the residents' parking zones listed above  - different charges apply and permits are available to residents only. Applications for residents parking permits for these streets should be made using the relevant form below.

How to apply for a permit

Please complete the relevant application form below and send it by email to along with scanned copies of the relevant documents. You will be contacted regarding your application and payment.

If you are unable to email your documents, alternatively please print the application form and send it with photocopies of the documents required to:

Parking services
Chesterfield Borough Council
Town Hall
S40 1AH

For further information, telephone 01629 538671. Please note that we do not accept cash with applications.

Chesterfield Borough Council will soon no longer be sending out renewal notices for permits. Please note the renewal date for future reference.

Residents parking application form - zones A, B and C Word (Word 372 KB)
Park Road resident parking application form Word (Word 370 KB)
Beetwell Street, Hollis Lane and South Place residents parking application form Word (Word 370 KB)


New permits - Lost permits or change of vehicle

If you require a new permit due to a change of vehicle or have lost your permit, please complete a further application form (see above) by filling in the appropriate sections and returning it to Parking Services.

If you require any assistance please contact Parking Services on 01246 345593 or


Find out more 

There's more information about residents' parking schemes on the Derbyshire County Council website.

Last updated on 03 September 2020