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Former Queen's Park Sports Centre site

Former Queen's Park Sports Centre site

The old Queen’s Park Sports Centre was built as a swimming baths in the 1960s and extended into a fuller sports centre in the 1980s. It is sited within the historic Queen’s Park, which is Grade II* listed by English Heritage due to its national significance as a park with a layout and buildings largely unchanged since it was established in the late 1880s. The site is within a wider conservation area, which together with the listed nature of the park means that a number of special planning considerations will apply to any proposals for the future use of the site.

Permission has now been given to demolish the old sports centre as it is no longer viable and for the last few years has been operating beyond its useable lifespan. The council now wishes to develop a future use for the site. Our intention is to work broadly within the current ‘footprint’ of the old sports centre site, keeping in place the majority of the two car parks to the north and south of the site. We have already received advice from Historic England regarding options for the future use and have also taken account of issues such as utilities and flooding risk.

A public consultation is currenly underway regarding the future development of the site, find out more here.

Last updated on 12 September 2016