Authority Monitoring Report

Authority Monitoring Report

We have produced Authority Monitoring Reports (AMR) and annual five year housing supply position statements.

The report contains information regarding:

  • our progress against the Local Development Scheme and timetable of key documents being produced
  • a review of planning policy implementation
  • reflection on annual targets, specifically a report on the five-year housing land supply and housing trajectory
  • an update on any neighbourhood development orders or neighbourhood development plans
  • a report on the administration of the Community Infrastructure Levy
  • details of co-operation undertaken with another local planning authority, county council or a body or person prescribed under the regulations
  • an analysis of key indicators for which the borough collects data

Authority Monitoring Reports and five year housing supply position statements can be downloaded below.

For more information please contact the Strategic Planning and Key Sites Team at or call 01246 345790.

The council has received updated evidence on housing need: North Derbyshire and Bassetlaw OAN Update.

A revised five year supply position statement is currently under preparation that will take account of this new evidence. 

If our documents are not accessible to you, you can request a different format here.
Five Year Supply Position October 2021 PDF (PDF 939 KB)
Five Year Supply Position April 2019 PDF (PDF 3.37 MB)
Five Year Supply Position April 2018 PDF (PDF 351 KB)
Five Year Supply Position April 2017 PDF (PDF 313 KB)
Five Year Supply Position April 2016 PDF (PDF 790 KB)
Five Year Supply Position April 2015 PDF (PDF 97 KB)
Tenth Authority Monitoring Report 2013–2014 PDF (PDF 1.08 MB)
Ninth Authority Monitoring Report 2012–2013 PDF (PDF 269 KB)
Eighth Authority Monitoring Report 2011–2012 PDF (PDF 440 KB)
Seventh Authority Monitoring Report 2010–2011 PDF (PDF 188 KB)
Sixth Authority Monitoring Report 2009–2010 PDF (PDF 269 KB)
Fifth Authority Monitoring Report 2008–2009 PDF (PDF 407 KB)
Fourth Authority Monitoring Report 2007–2008 PDF (PDF 218 KB)
Third Authority Monitoring Report 2006–2007 PDF (PDF 235 KB)
Second Authority Monitoring Report 2005–2006 PDF (PDF 110 KB)
First Authority Monitoring Report 2004–2005 PDF (PDF 101 KB)
CIL Annual Report 2018-19 Summary PDF (PDF 235 KB)
CIL Annual Report 2017-18 Summary PDF (PDF 255 KB)
CIL Annual Report 2016-17 Summary PDF (PDF 250 KB)

Last updated on 12 November 2021