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Strategic flood risk assessment

Strategic flood risk assessment

This study was commissioned by Chesterfield Borough Council in partnership with North East Derbyshire and Bolsover, covering all three districts. The consultants responsible were Faber Maunsell. The final report was published in March 2009. It gives an up-to-date picture of flood risk over the whole area and advice on policies the three councils may wish to include in their LDFs.

The document can be viewed below.


Executive Summary and Abbreviations PDF (PDF 512 KB)
Introduction PDF (PDF 1.74 MB)
Flood Risk PDF (PDF 105 KB)
Data Collection PDF (PDF 728 KB)
Causes of Flooding PDF (PDF 98 KB)
Flooding in Chesterfield, Bolsover and North East Derbyshire PDF (PDF 142 KB)
Strategic Assessment of Flood Risk PDF (PDF 424 KB)
Development in Chesterfield PDF (PDF 80 KB)
Assessment of Flood Risk in Study Areas PDF (PDF 524 KB)
Flood Risk Policies PDF (PDF 101 KB)
Conclusions and Recommendations PDF (PDF 48 KB)
Glossary PDF (PDF 67 KB)
Appendix A: Historical Flood Risk Matrix PDF (PDF 84 KB)
Appendix B: List of Development Sites PDF (PDF 50 KB)
Appendix C: Data Register PDF (PDF 44 KB)
Appendix D Part A: Maps PDF (PDF 3.69 MB)
Appendix D Part B: Maps PDF (PDF 2.16 MB)
Appendix D Part C: Maps PDF (PDF 1.86 MB)
Appendix D Part D: Maps PDF (PDF 3.39 MB)
Appendix D Part E: Maps PDF (PDF 2.64 MB)
Appendix D Part F: Maps PDF (PDF 1.75 MB)
Appendix E: Use of SuDS and Sustainable Development PDF (PDF 57 KB)

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