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Gypsy and traveller sites consultation

Gypsy and traveller sites consultation

We're consulting residents, businesses and interested parties on potential Gypsy and Traveller sites in the borough.  

The consultation will run for six weeks from Monday 12 February and closes at 5pm on Monday 26 March 2018. 

Gypsies and Travellers using the pitches would remain on site long-term and pay Council Tax and other utility bills in the same way that would apply to any other property in the borough.

Each pitch needs to be between 500 and 2,000 square metres in size. Two pitches would take up the equivalent space needed for two houses within the borough.

What is being proposed are not Gypsy and Traveller sites that would have multiple caravans, or areas for Gypsies and Travellers passing through the area.

This is not something only Chesterfield is being asked to do; the Government requires councils across the country to do the same. Many surrounding areas have a higher number of Gypsy and Traveller pitches to find than Chesterfield. 

Where could they be?

In the Chesterfield borough four pitches are required, but two of these already exist meaning two more are needed.

Over the two years we have asked landowners to suggest sites where these pitches could be. Nobody came forward to offer sites so we are looking at council owned land instead.  

Six sites have been identified that could potentially be the site of a pitch. They all have to be assessed against a range of planning criteria which include size; the accessibility and availability of local services such as doctors and schools; and road safety and other highways issues.

They are:

  • Miller Avenue, Mastin Moor
  • Bevan Drive, Inkersall
  • Brooks Road, Barrow Hill
  • Birchwood Crescent, Grangewood
  • Atlee Road, Inkersall
  • Keswick Drive, Newbold

You can see details of the proposed sites in the consultation document here.

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Last updated on 12 February 2018