Examination library

The examination library sets out the documents that will be used by the inspector during the examination of the Local Plan. It will be updated throughout the examination. 

Examination library documents

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EX.CBC.001 CIL Regulation 123 List PDF (PDF 152 KB)
EX.CBC.002 Five Year Supply Position April 2019 PDF (PDF 2.8 MB)
EX.CBC.003 Map showing 800m buffers around Local Centre PDF (PDF 28.84 MB)
EX.CBC.004 Key Diagram PDF (PDF 622 KB)
EX.CBC.005 Duty to Cooperate Letter regarding HRA Monitoring PDF (PDF 236 KB)
EX.CBC.006 Email from Natural England regarding HRA Monitoring PDF (PDF 373 KB)
EX.CBC.007 Environment Agency Chesterfield Flood Risk Investigation - Scope of Works PDF (PDF 563 KB)
EX.CBC.008 Housing and Accommodation for an Ageing Population - A Strategic Vision for Derbyshire to 2035 (DCC 2019) PDF (PDF 1.3 MB)
EX.CBC.009 Additional Note to Inspectors regarding Heritage Impact Assessments PDF (PDF 277 KB)
EX.CBC.010 NEDDC Local Plan Inspectors letter to Council 21.3.19 regarding Traveller Provision PDF (PDF 84 KB)
EX.CBC.011 Further Work on Heritage Impact Assessments September 2019 PDF (PDF 1.68 MB)
EX.CBC.012 Chesterfield Borough Council response to EX.INS.001 PDF (PDF 198 KB)
EX.CBC.013 Chesterfield Borough Council Gypsy and Traveller Sites Initial Site Assessment Methodology January 2016 PDF (PDF 131 KB)
EX.CBC.014 Chesterfield Borough Council Gypsy and Traveller Sites Detailed Site Assessment Methodology February 2018 PDF (PDF 466 KB)
EX.CBC.015 LHN Housing Requirement Draft Report (05.09.19) PDF (PDF 251 KB)
EX.CBC.016 SS2 Chatsworth Road Corridor Allocation Boundary Map PDF (PDF 3.07 MB)
EX.CBC.017 Landscape Comments on Strategic Gap SG1 PDF (PDF 1.86 MB)
EX.CBC.018 H27 - 500m Heritage Buffer PDF (PDF 13.6 MB)
EX.CBC.019 H32 - 500m Heritage Buffer PDF (PDF 19.49 MB)
EX.CBC.020 H36 - 500m Heritage Buffer PDF (PDF 16.57 MB)
EX.CBC.021 Table 4 Draft Mod V1 PDF (PDF 260 KB)
EX.CBC.022a H1 - Edale Road, Mastin Moor PDF (PDF 79 KB)
EX.CBC.022b H5 - Pondhouse Farm PDF (PDF 127 KB)
EX.CBC.022c H6 - Miller Avenue, Mastin Moor PDF (PDF 79 KB)
EX.CBC.022d H8 - Land North of Chesterfield Road, Staveley PDF (PDF 73 KB)
EX.CBC.022e H10 - Derwent House HOP PDF (PDF 80 KB)
EX.CBC.022f H12 - Ashbrook Centre PDF (PDF 80 KB)
EX.CBC.022g H16 - Red House HOP PDF (PDF 80 KB)
EX.CBC.022h H17 - Poppleton - Croft, Manor Road PDF (PDF 73 KB)
EX.CBC.22i H18 - Commerce Centre, Wharf Lane PDF (PDF 69 KB)
EX.CBC.022j H20 - Duewell Court PDF (PDF 73 KB)
EX.CBC.022k H21 - Staveley Town Basin PDF (PDF 132 KB)
EX.CBC.022l H35 - Mastin Moor PDF (PDF 122 KB)
EX.CBC.022m H36 - Land at Inkersall Road PDF (PDF 128 KB)
EX.CBC.022n SS3 - Chesterfield Waterside PDF (PDF 75 KB)
EX.CBC.022o SS5 - Staveley Works PDF (PDF 123 KB)
EX.CBC.023 Decision notice relating to policy RP1 and site H36 PDF (PDF 121 KB)
EX.CBC.024 Housing Standards Background Paper December 2016 PDF (PDF 452 KB)
EX.CBC.025 Housing Trajectory for Matter 5 V2 PDF (PDF 264 KB)
EX.CBC.026 Email from DCC regarding update of Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment (including caravans and house boats) PDF (PDF 114 KB)
EX.CBC.027 Derbyshire Strategic Planning Framework DCC Cabinet Report PDF (PDF 954 KB)
EX.CBC.028 Housing Delivery Action Plan PDF (PDF 1.02 MB)
EX.CBC.029 SG1 Viewpoints PDF (PDF 578 KB)
EX.CBC.030a EqIA Background Note v4 PDF (PDF 89 KB)
EX.CBC.030b EqIA Core Strategy - 2012 preliminary assessment PDF (PDF 79 KB)
EX.CBC.030c EqIA Draft Core Strategy Policy CS11 2012 preliminary assessment PDF (PDF 86 KB)
EX.CBC.030d EqIA Draft Local Plan - 2016 preliminary assessment PDF (PDF 241 KB)
EX.CBC.030e EqIA Gypsy and Traveller Site Consultation_2017_preliminary assessment PDF (PDF 118 KB)
EX.CBC.030f EqIA Pre-submission Local Plan -2018 preliminary assessment PDF (PDF 147 KB)
EX.CBC.030g Cabinet Report Gypsy and Traveller Sites May 2018 PDF (PDF 341 KB)
EX.CBC.031a Humber FRMP, Summary Document PDF (PDF 924 KB)
EX.CBC.031b Humber FRMP, PART A - Background and River Basin District Wide Information PDF (PDF 5.18 MB)
EX.CBC.031c Humber FRMP, PART B - Sub Areas in the Humber River Basin District PDF (PDF 8.85 MB)
EX.CBC.031d Humber FRMP, PART C - Appendices PDF (PDF 8.07 MB)
EX.CBC.031e Humber FRMP, Strategic Environmental Assessment PDF (PDF 358 KB)
EX.CBC.031f Humber FRMP, Habitats Regulation Assessment PDF (PDF 2.41 MB)
EX.CBC.032 Open Space Standards Paper PDF (PDF 704 KB)
EX.CBC.033 Open Space Assessment Report PDF (PDF 3.56 MB)
EX.CBC.034 Green Infrastructure - a prospectus for Lowland Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire PDF (PDF 8.59 MB)
EX.CBC.035 Justification - Thresholds for provision of new open space PDF (PDF 15 KB)
EX.CBC.036 SS6 - Further Evidence on Heritage Assets PDF (PDF 181 KB)
EX.CBC.037 Small Housing Sites Requirement PDF (PDF 131 KB)
EX.CBC.038 Main Modifications Section 20.7 Request Letter PDF (PDF 137 KB)
EX.CBC.039 Matter 5 SS3 Waterside Planning History PDF (PDF 97 KB)
TP1 Housing Topic Paper PDF (PDF 1.6 MB)
TP2 Employment Land Topic Paper PDF (PDF 1.09 MB)
TP3 Green Infrastructure Topic Paper PDF (PDF 775 KB)
TP4 Site Selection Topic Paper PDF (PDF 412 KB)

You can find the relevant documents for communities, employment and economy, environment, housing, infrastructure, masterplans, retail and transport in the evidence base library.

Matter 1

M1.02 ID 852 Cathmal Ltd PDF (PDF 318 KB)
M1.03 ID 90 HBF PDF (PDF 127 KB)
M1.04 ID 851 Gladman PDF (PDF 123 KB)
M1.01 Chesterfield Borough Council PDF (PDF 159 KB)

Matter 2

M2.02 ID 31 A and D Architecture Ltd PDF (PDF 1.57 MB)
M2.03 ID 852 Cathmal Ltd PDF (PDF 317 KB)
M2.04 ID 645 Wildgoose Homes PDF (PDF 263 KB)
M2.04a ID 645 Wildgoose Homes PDF (PDF 208 KB)
M204b Id 645 Wildgoose Homes PDF (PDF 1.25 MB)
M2.05 ID 843 Strategic Development Land Ltd PDF (PDF 236 KB)
M2.06 ID 851 Gladman PDF (PDF 99 KB)
M2.07 ID 68 Chatsworth Settlement Trustees PDF (PDF 90 KB)
M2.08 ID 854 Midlands Land Portfolio Ltd PDF (PDF 642 KB)
M2.09 ID 90 HBF PDF (PDF 95 KB)
M2.01 Chesterfield Borough Council PDF (PDF 120 KB)

Matter 3

M3.02 ID 852 Cathmal Ltd PDF (PDF 468 KB)
M3.03 ID 843 Strategic Development Land Ltd PDF (PDF 269 KB)
M3.04 ID 851 Gladman PDF (PDF 109 KB)
M3.05 ID 68 Chatsworth Settlement Trustees PDF (PDF 76 KB)
M3.06 ID 91 William Davies Ltd PDF (PDF 113 KB)
M3.07 ID 90 HBF PDF (PDF 216 KB)
M3.01 Chesterfield Borough Council PDF (PDF 155 KB)

Matter 4

M4.02 ID 68 Chatsworth Settlement Trustees PDF (PDF 78 KB)
M4.01 Chesterfield Borough Council PDF (PDF 161 KB)

Matter 5

M5.02 ID 63 Chesterfield Waterside Limited PDF (PDF 925 KB)
M5.03 ID 851 Gladman PDF (PDF 98 KB)
M5.04 ID 68 Chatsworth Settlement Trustees PDF (PDF 122 KB)
M5.05 ID 91 William Davies Ltd PDF (PDF 146 KB)
M5.06 ID 854 Midlands Land Portfolio Ltd PDF (PDF 125 KB)
M5.01 Chesterfield Borough Council PDF (PDF 188 KB)

Matter 6

M6.02 ID 90 HBF PDF (PDF 120 KB)
M6.03 ID 851 Gladman PDF (PDF 107 KB)
M6.04 ID 91 William Davies Ltd PDF (PDF 125 KB)
M6.05 ID 854 Midlands Land Portfolio Ltd PDF (PDF 3.73 MB)
M6.01 Chesterfield Borough Council PDF (PDF 106 KB)

Matter 7

M7.02 ID 31 A and D Architecture Ltd PDF (PDF 293 KB)
M7.03 ID 90 HBF PDF (PDF 114 KB)
M7.04 ID 851 Gladman PDF (PDF 73 KB)
M7.05 ID 91 William Davies Ltd PDF (PDF 101 KB)
M7.01 Chesterfield Borough Council PDF (PDF 156 KB)

Matter 8

M8.01 Chesterfield Borough Council PDF (PDF 164 KB)
Index of submitted documents PDF (PDF 240 KB)

Last updated on 29 July 2020