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New local plan

New local plan

We are working on a new Local Plan for Chesterfield borough, and recently consulted on our proposed new Local Plan

Consultation on the Local Plan has now ended, any representations received after Friday 22 February might not be taken into account during the independent examination of the Local Plan.

In December 2018 our councillors approved a draft of the new Local Plan for public consultation. The papers and minutes of the December meeting can be seen here.

The new Local Plan builds on the draft of the Local Plan that we consulted on in 2017, see the representations we received here

It updates the overall strategy for the borough and includes new site allocations looking ahead to 2033. When it is adopted it will replace the current local plan

Pre-submission Local Plan consultation documents 2019

Local Plan 2018-2033 (pdf 4.84 MB)
Local Plan Policies Map (pdf 53.83 MB)
Habitat Regulations Assessment (pdf 5.72 MB)
Sustainability Appraisal (pdf 2.91 MB)
Sustainability Appraisal - Appendices (pdf 14.17 MB)
Viability Appraisal Report (pdf 3.16 MB)
Viability Appraisal - Appendices (pdf 4.2 MB)

Previous consultation documents from 2017

Chesterfield Borough local plan consultation draft January 2017 (pdf 3.69 MB)
Consultation policies map 2017 A0 (pdf 41.47 MB)
Constraints map 2017 A1 (pdf 27.36 MB)
Sustainability appraisal January 2017 (pdf 5.55 MB)
Habitats regulations assessment technical note January 2017 (pdf 1.19 MB)

Background documents 

The reports and studies that have informed the preparation of the new local plan can be found in the evidence base


Last updated on 27 February 2019