Pulse Move

Pulse Move

We use Pulse Move to help you set, monitor and track your fitness goals.

Pulse Move is built into your membership card, so you’ll never forget your workout.

Pulse Move in the gym

Access a range of features to maximise your sessions, measure performance and help you achieve your fitness goals:

  • workout plans – you can load multiple plans to your card
  • virtual trainer and personalised coach
  • real-time instant feedback
  • logging gym activity for activities such as free weights or functional training
  • logging external activity from a pre-defined list of over 30 activities

To access Pulse Move make sure we have an up to date email for you so our fitness can send you a login link.

PulseMove online

A dedicated website that members can access anywhere, anytime to track and review personal fitness data.

PulseMove mobile

A simple and intuitive app that tracks members' fitness external and internal to the gym for increased engagement and motivation.

Last updated on 31 March 2020