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Admissions policy

Admissions policy

Swimming pool admissions policy

The centre has a changing village facility, for use by all customers. This facility includes single units, family changing spaces and units for use by those with disabilities.

Responsible use of the pool

Children under the age of 8 should be accompanied by a responsible person, aged at least 16, in both the changing area and the swimming pool. They must remain in the water with young children at all times and should maintain a constant watch over the child/children.

Ratio of responsible person (age 16 plus): 

  • Under eight, one adult to two children
  • Under 8, one adult to three children. The ratio can be increased when a third child wears approved flotation aids, armbands with the CEN mark. 

Pool hygiene

We would ask that all customers have a shower before entering the pool, to keep the pool clean for all our users.

Also please remove all outdoor footwear before entering the changing village, or use the blue overshoes provided.

The swimming pool has a hoist so that disabled user groups can easily gain access.

Last updated on 31 March 2018