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Amateur Swimming Association swim pathway

Amateur Swimming Association swim pathway

ASA levels

Level 1: For beginners to develop basic safety awareness and water confidence. Swimmers may use float aids.

Level 2: Developing safe entries into the water, basic floating skills and travelling up to 5 metres. Swimmers may use float aids.

Level 3: Further developing safe entries including submersion and travelling up to 10 metres. Swimmers will be assessed without the use of float aids.

Level 4: Developing buoyancy skills, kicking technique for all strokes and swimming 15 metres.

Level 5: Developing skills through sculling and treading water and complete rotation.

Level 6: Developing effective skills across all strokes and water safety skills.

Level 7: Developing pool entry skills and further stroke development.

Level 8: Developing more advanced swimming techniques and turn ability across all strokes. Completing a 40-metre set on a specified turnaround time.

Level 9: Working towards completion of an 800-metre set with a specified turnaround time and turn development.

Level 10: Underpinning previous skills already learnt and 1200-metre swim time sub 24 minutes.

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ASA Expected Standards (pdf 824 KB)
Learn To Swim Queen's Park Sports Centre timetable (pdf 938 KB)
Learn To Swim Healthy Living Centre timetable (pdf 1.02 MB)

Last updated on 10 March 2016