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Squash FAQs

Squash FAQs

Find out more about using our Squash facilities from 1 September 2020 onwards:


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Can I play squash at Queen’s Park Sports centre?

A. Squash will be available to be played from Tuesday 1 September and to do this safely we have introduced measures as advised by England Squash the governing body for the sport.

Players/members will be limited to one court per day.

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What measures have been introduced so I can play squash?

To ensure that you play safe and stay safe we have adopted England Squash's guidance so please follow these for returning to court safely…

  • Booking is essential for all court sessions
  • No more than two players on court at any one time
  • All players, and not just the person making the booking, need to check in at our reception
  • Bring your own water bottle, our water fountains won’t be operating
  • Ensure you turn up ready to play as our changing facilities won’t be open
  • Arrive on time, but not too early, and please leave promptly after your session
  • Keep your distance, ensure that you always adhere to current social distancing guidelines
  • Wash/sanitise your hands frequently before and after playing squash
  • Bring your own rackets and balls, disinfect them frequently
  • Take your bag on court, lockers and changing rooms will be closed
  • Don’t wipe your hands on the walls, avoid touching surfaces
  • Clean and wipe down, help the centre to keep clean, particularly door handles
  • Respect the centres rules and be kind to your fellow players/customers
  • Use the queuing system when arriving at the centre and follow the one-way route when exiting after your activity
  • If you or anyone in your household are unwell, even with mild symptoms, please do not some to the centre. Follow NHS guidance and report your symptoms to the centre for contact tracing purposes.

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Can anyone play squash?

Yes, anyone can play squash, but you will need to be a member at the centres or have a registered user card. If you want to become a registered user, please see our website to find out how you can do this.

We will also be applying England Squash guidance in terms of the ways you can play…

  • Customers from the same household or support bubble can play matches or full games of squash and take part in coach led sessions.
  • Individuals can also take part in coach led sessions.
  • Two players who are not from the same household (or support bubble) can take part in modified versions of squash (see England Squash Back to Squash guidance on socially distanced games and practices), socially distanced practices or coach led sessions
  • Up to five players from different households can take part in coach led sessions (with no more than two people on court at any one time)

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What cleaning should I do to assist the centre in keeping the facility clean?

We have provided paper towel and a cleaning solution so that squash players can clean the door handles/latches once they have vacated the court. Once they have done this the court is available for the next players.

We are also asking players to ensure that:

  • Where knowingly a player touches a wall or the floor, or drops sweat (or bodily fluid) the area is cleaned using the solution provided and dried using the paper towel
  • They wash their hands, for at least 20 seconds, prior to playing squash and use hand sanitiser
  • Only one person to open and close the court door
  • Only one person to touch the ball

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Will I be able to hire rackets from the centre?

A. In line with England Squash guidance we will not be hiring out equipment when the courts reopen. We will be monitoring this, along with all aspects of the guidance, for any potential changes.

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Will I be able to watch squash being played?

a. When the squash courts reopen the spectator seating will be not in use. This is to stop anyone from socially gathering within the centre.

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How can I book a court?

a. The easiest and fastest way to book a court is through our online booking system that can be accessed via our website.

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Last updated on 20 August 2020