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Health referral

Health referral

Health referral scheme

The referral scheme is a joint initiative between Derbyshire County Health Service and Chesterfield Borough Council. It is an exercise programme designed to encourage people living with various medical conditions or at risk of developing such a condition, who are either sedentary or inactive, to take part in physical activity on a more regular basis to improve their health.

How to take part in the scheme

All GPs, practice nurses, physiotherapists, community mental health workers and other health professionals can refer you on to the scheme if you meet the criteria and either live within Derbyshire or are registered with a GP surgery in the Derbyshire County Health Service area. To be referred, ask your GP surgery or other health professional if you meet the criteria.

How the scheme works

Once you have been referred onto the scheme, you will be sent an appointment with one of the Active Life trainers. At this appointment they will explain the ins and outs of what is involved.

If you would like more information regarding the referral scheme, please contact your GP or call 01246 345 669 at the Healthy Living Centre.

Last updated on 21 May 2017