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Leisure centres - Frequently asked questions

Leisure centres - Frequently asked questions

Leisure Centres - General FAQs

From Thursday 31 December 2020

Will either of the sports centre remain open?

As Chesterfield is now in Tier 4 both Queen’s Park Sports Centre and The Healthy Living Centre, Staveley, are closed to the general public from 10pm Wednesday 30 December 2020.

Will any activities still operate?

Queen’s Park Sports Centre will continue to accommodate NHS Midwifery services. In line with the government guidance it will support outdoor personal training on a one-to-one basis (through New Horizons Health).

If I am a member what will happen to my membership?

All memberships will be frozen, however given the timing of the government’s announcement, it has not been possible to stop payments made on 1 January. If your direct debit is usually collected on the first of the month, no payment will be taken in the first month back after the reopening of the centres.

Other direct debits will not be collected during this period.

All pre-paid memberships will be extended to accommodate the period the centres will be closed for.

If I have a child on a lesson/course (swimming, gymnastics or trampolining) what will happen to my child’s place and payment?

All places will be held until we can restart the activities.

Direct debit payments will be frozen, as with fitness memberships. Any sessions paid for that fall within the period of closure will be deducted from the first direct debit payment upon reopening.

Any payments made for blocks of lessons/courses will be extended to reflect the period the centres will be closed for.

Is it possible to contact anyone at the centre?

If you need to make contact, please contact:

Queen’s Park Sports Centre

The Healthy Living Centre

Last updated on 30 December 2020