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Leisure centres re-opening - FAQs

Leisure centres re-opening - FAQs

Leisure Centres re-opening - General FAQs

From Wednesday 2 December


What activities can I do?

A programme of activities will be available at both centres when they reopen on Wednesday 2 December. Unfortunately, when Chesterfield comes out of lockdown it will enter tier three, which means that there will be no fitness classes. We will also not be providing squash and badminton in the short term. Fitness gyms will be open, as will general/lane swimming. We will also be providing our courses; swimming lessons, trampolining and gymnastics.

All activities will need to be pre-booked and this can be done from 8.30am on Monday 30 November either on-line or over the phone. We will also be getting in touch with anyone who has a contract booking to advise them on whether they can restart or a potential restart date.


What should I be aware of when arriving at the centre?

All customers will need to ensure that they,

  • Wear a face covering and only remove it when they are taking part in activity
  • Are not showing signs of Coronavirus when they attend the centre
  • Maintain a safe distance between themselves and other people at the centre
  • Wash/sanitise their hands frequently throughout their visit to the centre
  • Follow staff guidance and signs on display
  • Have pre-booked their activity before arriving

Please ensure you arrive approximately 10 minutes before your session begins, 5 minutes for courses. We have a queuing system in place at both centres, and signage to help direct customers and promote good social distancing.

Initially there will be no fast track swipe available to use, all customers will need to check in via reception desk.


What are you doing to reduce the risk of infection?

Whilst It is down to the individual customer to take reasonable personal responsibility when taking part in physical activity we have, in line with the leisure and sport industry guidance, implemented the following:

  • Our staff will be continuously cleaning the facilities throughout the day
  • We have increased hand sanitising stations throughout the centres
  • Social distancing is being promoted throughout the centres, including queuing arrangements
  • Signs have been installed to encourage social distancing and hand sanitising
  • Customers will be reminded to clean equipment before and after they use it
  • Screens have been installed at our reception points
  • There will be programmed intervals between sessions to allow staff to thoroughly clean equipment
  • Occupancy levels for activities have been adjusted reducing the risk of infection

To help us keep the sports centres open we will need customers to follow our guidance and staff will be on hand to remind customers of this.


Can I bring my own equipment?

Customers are welcome to bring their own hand sanitiser and wear a face mask when not taking part in activity. Please do not bring your own cleaning equipment. This will be provided for your use around the centres.


What is a registered user?

A registered user is a customer that uses the centres without any kind of membership. This is required to implement the COVID-19 track and trace system. It will require your full name, phone number, e-mail and date of birth.

If you are not a registered user then you can become one by calling the centre from 8.30am on Monday 30 November or by contacting either centre on the following details:


Queen’s Park Sports Centre


Telephone: 01246 345555


The Healthy Living Centre


Telephone: 01246 345666


Please see our privacy policy for guidance on how your information will be used and stored.


Will there be any changing facilities available?

There will be no changing facilities for the gym. We are asking customers to turn up ready to take part in their session with minimal belongings and leave promptly after their session has finished. This is to help us to comply with leisure and sport industry guidance.

In relation to swimming sessions, we are encouraging customers where possible to shower before their visit, turn up ‘Beach ready’ (costume on underneath clothes), then after their swim towel down, get dressed and shower at home. Access to showers will be allowed after swimming so customers can rinse off pool water only before drying.

Cubicles will be available to use after swimming; we would ask that customers change and leave the changing area in a timely fashion.


Can I use hairdryers?

Hairdryers will not be available to use in the initial stage of re-opening.


Can I bring my own towel to the gym?

Towels/’sweat towels’ will not be able to be taken onto the gym floor/into the studio, as per UK-Active guidance.


Can I bring my own water bottle?

Please bring a prefilled water bottle, large enough to last the duration of your workout, as water dispensers will not be available in the initial stage of re-opening. Vending machines will be available to use (contactless payment option available).


Will the toilets be available to use?

Yes, toilets will be open in the centres.


Can I pay with cash or is it contactless?

We would encourage customers to use contactless payment methods as much as possible but if this payment method is not available to you, we will accept cash.


Will the cafe at QPSC be open?

No, the cafe will not be operational in the initial stage of re-opening however vending machines for drinks and snacks will be available to use (contactless payment option available).


Will the soft play area be open at HLC?

No, the soft play will not be open in the initial stage of re-opening but we will keep this under review in line with the latest Government and industry guidelines.


Membership questions


If I am a member when will I start to pay again?

Membership payments will commence from Tuesday 8 December 2020.

If I don’t feel ready to return can I still freeze my membership?

Absolutely, we appreciate that not everyone will be ready to return, which is why we are offering those customers who want to the option to continue to freeze their membership for up to two months. If you wish to do this, please contact:

Queen’s Park Sports Centre


Telephone: 01246 345555


The Healthy Living Centre


Telephone: 01246 345666


I have a pre-paid membership, what happens now?

All annual memberships will have the weeks we have been closed added on to the end of the membership period.

Last updated on 27 November 2020