Stroke technique clinics

Stroke technique clinics

If your child is struggling to master breaststroke or butterfly, then our stroke development classes could be just what they need.

The complex nature and timing of these strokes means they are harder to learn. They often require more time and practice in order for swimmers to achieve the Swim England expected standards needed to pass stages 4 and above. 

These classes focus on developing better breaststroke and butterfly leg kick and full strokes, and can help swimmers progress quicker in their stroke technique helping them to progress their current stage.

Classes are designed to be taken in addition to the child's normal swimming lessons, to ensure continued development in all aspects of their swimming, but you can transfer to these sessions as a normal movement if you wish to do so.  

See our full price list for current charges for swimming lessons.

Please check the timetable for lessons at both our centres or contact us for more details.

Last updated on 17 December 2021