Swimming lessons for autistic children

Swimming lessons for autistic children

We run dedicated swimming lesson sessions for children with autism.

Our specialist sessions are held in a pool where:

  • the lights are dimmed
  • the blinds are closed
  • there is no public access
  • classes are held in smaller groups

Our swimming teachers that have been specially trained to meet the needs of children with autism. There are two teachers per class, and a session is available where a parent is allowed in the pool alongside their child if required.

Classes are held at the Healthy Living Centre in Staveley on Thursday afternoons from 4pm to 5pm.

At the moment we don't have plans to hold sessions at Queen's Park Sports Centre.  

By running dedicated classes like this we can provide an environment that helps the children learn to swim in a fun and relaxed way, avoiding the more noisy and boisterous nature of regular swimming lesson sessions.

Lessons are charged the same as for our other swimming lesson programmes, find out more here

To book a place, or get further information, please get in touch.


Last updated on 17 December 2021