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Parking revenues

Parking revenues

The council has a duty to publish its parking revenues data each year and to provide a breakdown of how this revenue is spent.

Chesterfield Borough Council Parking Revenues 2013–14 (csv 1 KB)

Any surplus income generated from our off-street car parking is re-invested into the borough for environmental improvements, transport and highway improvements. All of these services benefit from the income raised through parking charges and they, in turn, benefit local people and visitors to Chesterfield.

In 2013/14 the following schemes were supported:

  • Bus shelters: £152,000
  • Coach station: £47,000
  • Borough lighting: £4,000
  • Street nomenclature: £30,000
  • Environmental protection: £69,700
  • Woodland amenities: £221,000
  • Play areas: £142,000
  • Parks and open spaces: £86,700

Last updated on 08 March 2016