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Life on the Home Front

Life on the Home Front

When the museum reopens it‘s main exhibition will be 'Put That Light Out!' which will explore the home front in Chesterfield during World War II, including rationing, holidays at home, the Women's Voluntary Service and the Home Guard. To whet people’s appetite for this exhibition History's Maid have created some video's which tell the story of life on the Home Front.



Learn about the role of an Evacuation Officer, how it felt to send her own children away and what was ‘Operation Pied Piper’. Find out how gas masks influenced women’s hair styles, the meaning behind ‘Saucepans for Spitfires’ and how the blitz affected Chesterfield.



Learn how rationing changed lives when it was introduced in January 1940, what you were actually allowed and hints and tips on how to make your rations go further.

Discover how ‘Dig for Victory’ encouraged everyone to become vegetable gardeners and grow veg anywhere even on the top of Anderson shelters and the amazing work of the Women’s land army.


Make do and mend

Find out why clothes rationing was introduced when materials were scarce and why boys wore shorts all year round no matter what the weather. People were encouraged to repair clothes and recycle old fabric and the overall message was waste not, want not.

We hope you have enjoyed learning about life on the home front and can't wait until we can welcome you back into the museum to learn more from our 'Put that light out' exhibition.

Last updated on 30 March 2023