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Special Operations Executive

Special Operations Executive

Discover what it took to be a secret agent in the Second World War.

History's Maid were due to deliver this event at the museum but instead have created two video's which tell the story of the Special Operations Executive and how you were recruited into this top secret organisation set up by Winston Churchill.

Part 1 is called 'Handbags and hand grenades' and tells about the interview process, paramilitary course and parachute training as well as silent killing, how to use a Sten Gun, incendiary cigarettes and morse code.
Part 2 of the Special Operations Executive is called 'Moondrop to France' and tells the story of a secret agent who is sent to France as a wireless operator. It covers her fear of being discovered by the German’s, sending intelligence reports and using coding silks and how the job became more fraught as D Day approached.
We hope you have enjoyed hearing what life really was like as a secret agent in World War Two.

Last updated on 30 March 2023