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We often do storytime events at the Museum which are enjoyed by toddlers, parents and grandparents.

With us being closed our Collections Officer Rachel has been putting together some voice clips of her reading some stories.

A Frog Thing by Eric Drachman

Frank wasn't satisfied doing ordinary frog things. He wanted to fly, but he was a frog and frogs can't fly. Follow along as Frank jumps and runs and leaps and dives until he finally finds his place in the pond.

Listen to Rachel reading A Frog Thing

Tyrannosaurus Drip by Julia Donaldson

Everyone knows that tyrannosauruses are big and scary so when a placid duckbill dinosaur's egg ended up in the wrong nest confusion is sure to follow. When the baby dinosaur hatches out, he's so out of place that his grisly big sisters call him Tyrannosaurus Drip.

Listen to Rachel reading Tyrannosaurus Drip

Mr Tall by Roger Hargreaves

From Mr Tickle's extraordinary long arms to Little Miss Princess's sparkly crown, the Mr Men and Little Misses have been delighting children for generations with their charming and funny antics. Now it's time to meet Mr Tall!

Listen to Rachel reading Mr Tall

Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Roald Dahl

Tried in a court of law on suspicion of stealing the porridge from under of the snouts of the decent, law-abiding Bears, Goldilocks looks like porridge wouldn't melt in her mouth. But is she really a brazen crook? Only the jury can decide!

Listen to Rachel reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson

One by one, a whole host of different animals and birds find their way out of the cold and into Bear's cave to warm up. But even after the tea has been brewed and the corn has been popped, Bear just snores on!

Listen to Rachel reading Bear Snores On

Mr Small by Roger Hargreaves

Mr Small was very small. Probably the smallest person you've ever seen in your whole life. Or perhaps the smallest person you've never seen in your whole life, because he was so small you probably wouldn't see him anyway!

Listen to Rachel reading Mr Small

Last updated on 30 March 2023