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Portrait of Rosa Markham

Portrait of Rosa Markham

Portrait of Rosa Markham

This portrait, painted by an unknown artist, is one of the many pieces of artwork that make up part of the Chesterfield Museum collection

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Rosa Markham, born in 1840, was the fifth daughter of Joseph Paxton, the famed gardener and architect responsible for the design of the Crystal Palace built for the 1851 Great Exhibition. In 1862, she married Charles Markham, a Chesterfield based industrialist and their family moved to Tapton House in 1873 where they stayed until 1925.

Their son Charles Paxton Markham became the founder of Markham and Co., while their daughter Violet, was a key social figure and went on to become the Chesterfield’s first female mayor in 1927.

Not much was known about the history of the painting, other than it came to Chesterfield Museum from Tapton House School in 1991 and was in need of significant restoration.

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Last updated on 22 August 2023