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Revolution House

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Welcome to the Revolution House

This pretty thatched cottage in the village of Old Whittington hides a secret – it was part of a plot to overthrow a king.

In 1688, three local noblemen – the Earl of Devonshire, the Earl of Danby and Mr John D'Arcy – met at Whittington disguised as a hunting party, to begin planning their part in the overthrow of James II. A rainstorm sent them seeking shelter at the Cock and Pynot alehouse.

Now known as Revolution House, it is a free public museum.

Revolution House is temporarily closed.

Revolution House is an important piece of our borough’s history, and we are seeking to work with a suitable community partner who can help ensure this history is celebrated and that this asset can benefit both the local community and visitors. More information will be shared as soon as possible.

In April 2024 rethatching works are taking place at Revolution House. This will help protect the house and ensure it remains in good condition. Scaffolding has been erected in order to give access to the roof, this is a working site and members of the public are not permitted to enter the site.